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Kainuu Vocational College

Kainuu Vocational College (KAO) offers vocational education for people of all ages. Kainuu Vocational College, KAO, is part of Kajaani City Municipal Enterprise for Education, established in 2013, which is in charge of providing upper secondary education. The public utility comprises KAO and Kajaanin lukio Upper Secondary School. KAO operates on a nationwide basis. Our permanent establishments are in Kajaani, Kuusamo, Vuokatti, and Vantaa.

More than 80 different qualifications are available in the following fields:

  • Culture
  • Social, Health Care and Sports
  • Technology and Transport
  • Business and Administration
  • Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Hospitality and Tourism.

Besides vocational education KAO provides vocational and special vocational qualifications or training tailored for company-specific needs. KAO actively promotes the development of business in the Kainuu-Koillismaa region and supports the growth sectors in co-operation with different parties. We also provide apprenticeship training and offer companies versatile development and expert services.

International KAO

The goal of KAO’s international activities is to give students and staff the opportunity to gain experience of working in an international environment. The most important part of our international operations is the on-the-job training, study and work periods of students and staff abroad. Students, teachers and other guests from abroad, in turn, bring an international touch to the everyday life of the school and local working life.

A significant part of the studies consists of work-based learning, which prepares the students for working-life and entrepreneurship.


Opintie 3, 87100 Kajaani, Finland,

Raimo Sivonen
+358 44 308 9175

Risto Virkkunen
International Coordinator
+358 44 594 8580