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Upper Secondary Level – The basic qualification in Music

The examination of musician gives basic proficiency to the music professions and is also a prerequisite for musical studies in high schools. Preceding studies are comprehensive school and basic level course at music institute or corresponding studies.

Education at Kao conservatory’s upper secondary level in music leads to vocational qualification in music. The studies concentrate on pop/jazz music.

Many orchestras are in addition to teaching. There will be also numerous concerts and other musical activities. Teaching will be given in guitar, bass, keyboard instruments, drums and singing and also music theory and solfège, harmony, ensemble playing and musicbusiness. The study programme comprises 120 credit units. The course duration is 3 years.

As a whole, there is a rich environment offering an opportunity for intensive studies, for both comprehending and playing music.

General studies for all students include eg computer studies, communication studies and language studies. Professional studies include major and minor studies in soloist instrument, ensemble playing in its various forms, general studies in music with the emphasis on music. Optional studies aim to expand students’ skills towards versatility. The practical training period aims to develop students’ ability in working life. Students plan their personal curriculum according to their degree programme, this will be defined and specified as studies proceed.

Part of the studies can be carried out either in international work in partnership with partners and varied projects Kainuu Conservatory students have been involved in several international projects, among whom have been adopted during the international cooperation productions in Finland, Estonia, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In addition, the students have performed in the United States, India, Russia and Spain.